Case Manager/Care Coordinator

VINYETTE CHANDLER is a case manager located in CLEVELAND, OH. NPPES recently assigned the NPI number 1386406510 to VINYETTE CHANDLER on January 24, 2024. It is a Type-1 NPI, indicating this NPI number is associated with an individual. The primary taxonomy selected by this provider is 171M00000X from the Health Care Provider Taxonomy code set, which is classified as Case Manager/Care Coordinator.

The NPI profile was last updated on Jan 25, 2024. See the complete NPI profile for VINYETTE CHANDLER below.

NPI Profile for

NPI Number

(about a month ago)
Entity Type
Type-1  Individual (Female)
Legal Name
Primary location
2728 EUCLID AVE # 400
CLEVELAND, OH 44115-2429
Phone: (216) 243-6260 Fax:
Mailing address
Same as primary location
Sole Proprietor
Certification Date
Jan 25, 2024

Note: NPPES allows providers to attest to the accuracy of their NPI data. When a provider request any change to the NPI record, they will be able to attest to their changed NPI data, resulting in an updated certification date.

Taxonomy Code(s)

A taxonomy code is a code that describes the health care service provider's type, classification, and the area of specialization. The primary specialty for this provider is indicated as (Primary) below.

Taxonomy Classification / Specialization State License
- Case Manager/Care Coordinator (Primary)

The taxonomy codes are selected by the provider at the time of NPI registration. Selection of a taxonomy code does not replace any credentialing or validation process that the provider requesting the code should complete.